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STEXCON is a management consulting office in quality, safety and engineering. We provide strategic studies, analyses and advice. We lead and monitor improvement projects by operational support.


We take the improvement of the customer’s value stream as our primary focus in the delivery of our services.

We will assist you to become a compliant and high-performing organization, operating by robust processes and an effective quality management system.


We will take you on a ‘strategic exploration journey’ by approaching your improvement project from a broad conceptual framework.

Our customized support will be in accordance with the maturity level of your organization and with respect for your own culture.


Mapping the current state of the process is the first step in any improvement project: what remains invisible, cannot be improved.

We use several process maps to visualize the different process steps, the material and information flows, specifying parameters such as cycle times and lead times.

The entire process flow will be reviewed together with your staff and supervisors for gaps and improvement opportunities. We can deliver such maps for your primary, secondary and management processes.


The visualized process flow is evaluated using value stream thinking principles: we look at the process complexity, information transfer, wait times affecting the internal or external customer, bottlenecks, required skills,… and lead you as such to an ‘unseen’ treasure of improvement opportunities.

Together with you, we develop a vision of the future state and an implementation plan to achieve it. Our expertise in various techniques such as 5S, balancing activities, SMED analysis, kanban systems, MES system (OEE) implementation,… aims to take your operational activities to the highest performance level.


Offering expert opinion from outside we look at risks with a clear objective view. By the means of a prospective risk analysis as (H)FMEA, HAZOP, Swift,… the risks related to your business processes will be identified and assessed.

Our well-prepared pre-evaluation is timesaving for your process experts. You will be guided in developing a safety policy based on strong risk prevention and mitigation measures (built-in quality, process complexity reduction, human factors engineering,…).

This while keeping in mind the basic principles of QRM (science-based approach, level of effort commensurate with level of risk).


Safety walkrounds or internal audits provide input into your risk management system. With our iOS App CheckGemba rounding becomes an easy and efficient experience. To help you get started we offer short training sessions at your facility.

Thus, risk-based thinking, the backbone in all the stages of your product lifecyle, will smoothly gain ground in your organizational culture.

Additionally, we can transform information into valuable sources for risk identification and help you build a dynamic risk register.


Process studies often result in a necessary technical adaptation. In that case we can provide a feasibility study or technical translation from design to realization.

For cleanrooms and laboratoria for example (from BSL1 to BSL4), or regarding bio-safety cabinets, isolators, RABS and HVAC installations (CFD-ANSYS).

We help realize lay-out enhancements with or without any space expansion, based on a process analysis for new buildings and revamping (EPCMV projects).


Ensuring compliance is always a priority matter at every change. This includes avoiding gaps on cGMPs, software validation (GAMP5), validation of equipment and the elaboration of a Validation Master Plan.

We have experience with internal audits, external supplier audits, and have already prepared and successfully completed several FDA and FAGG inspections.

We are familiar with tracking systems (GS1 - audit trail), follow-up of CAPA, deviations and change control.

Our knowledge of statistical methods will ensure your transition to the new Quality Metrics paradigm (OOS - OOT, CQA monitoring via control charts)


We develop handy Apps that help you in getting rid of waste, and to gain sustainability in your daily operations. The resources you save, enable you to do more and better for your customers.


Do you want to get more out of your Gemba Walks? Then check out our iOS Apps! They were created to assist you on your walks.

And, there is more! We help you get started during an exclusive training course. You will learn how to practice gemba walking with the Apps BlitzGemba and CheckGemba, while monitoring your time with TimeSteward. Used together, these Apps make you go see your gemba in a very powerful way.

You’ll meet Jeff, our gemba guide, and he will share his gemba walk experiences at his Pharma facility with you. He will explain how he uses the Apps for a special gemba walk and an audit event. Together with him, you will discover how the Apps turn the action of gemba walking into an action of gathering intelligence for continuous improvement. The clues Jeff observes during his walks, leading him to uncover hidden treasures, will surely surprise you. Jeff also receives lessons related to the mindset of gemba walking and you are invited to his learning sessions!

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Eager to know how you can enrich your internal auditing program with lean concepts and lift your operations up to the next level of quality excellence? In this training session we demonstrate how that works. Attending the course gives you as such the unique opportunity to support your organization in making the transition towards a quality culture beyond compliance. Easy, not? So, let’s meet at your gemba and get it done!

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Privacy Policy Apps

All information entered using the Apps remains locally stored on the user’s device; no data is collected in any way or any form by or shared with STEXCON or third parties at any time.


CheckGemba icon

Gemba Walk Checklist

CheckGemba is an easy-to-use checklisting App, designed for gemba walkers, auditors, and inspectors who want to go see shopfloors and facilities working paperless. With a list made beforehand, or during their tour, they will enjoy the opportunity for structured verification and timesaving reporting of the walkthrough findings as a result of the export function to a computer.

The App enables you to create and use your own list or a generic list of items you want to check out at your gemba, during an inspection round or an audit. Checklists can be created in the App, or on a computer and imported in CheckGemba. CheckGemba offers you the handy feature to qualify your responses in 9 different categories (see features).

Once created, you can share your checklist with others, e.g. to go see different locations with exactly the same checklist. The progress in the verification of the checklist items is made clear by transferring every item from the list of uncompleted items to a list of completed items after it has been answered. So, no more unintentionally missed observation points! Titles can be added to the checklist and the possibility to jump from title to title makes the use of long checklists manageable. During your gemba visit or site tour you can add additional information and media files to your checklist. After finishing the checklist, you can export the items, your responses to them, and your notes. If wanted, you can log the checklist’s handling, and export the items in their sequence of answering. Checklists that are used regularly can be saved in the App as templates and make assessments consistent in time and place.

  • Efficient and effective reporting tool for gemba walkers, auditors and inspectors
  • Generic checklisting tool with multiple applications: inventory counting, check sheet, hospital roundings, root cause investigation list, punch list,…
  • Preparation and use of checklists in the App
  • Import checklists made in Numbers or Excel via iTunes Filesharing, Dropbox or Numbers for iOS (supported file formats: csv, xls, xlsx)
  • Indication of the checklist’s status by color: Ready for use - In Progress - Finished
  • Possibility to add global responses for the full checklist
  • Qualification of responses in 9 different categories: Text, Check (Check-Present-Yes/No), Multiple Choice, Quantity, Number Value, Number Score, Counter, Stopwatch, OK/NOK
  • Possibility to add titles to the checklist and jump from title to title during the tour
  • Incorporation of text comments and audio recordings, photos and videos in the checklist
  • Option to annotate pictures
  • Possibility to add handwritten notes (Apple Pencil can be used on iPad Pro devices)
  • Possibility for adding comments to media files
  • Creation of Templates in the App
  • Sharing of Templates via Airdrop, email, Dropbox
  • Possibility to log the checklist’s fill out during the rounding
  • Possibility to store additional information on the checklist (tags, resources,…)
  • Search option on name, tags, content (titles, items, responses) in checklists and templates
  • Export in CSV via iTunes file sharing and Dropbox, iCloud Drive
  • Choice of export sequence for the checklist items: original/answering
  • Latest position is stored when closing the App
  • Step-by-step guide with tips included in the App
  • Universal app (works on iPad and iPhone)
  • Ready for iOS 10
Note: CheckGemba does not sync data between different versions of the app


  • Go see your gemba with a checklist (focused gemba walking): make your checklist before going to the gemba and check out why
  • Assess your gemba performance with a checklist for your internal audits, or for your hospital roundings
  • Start going paperless to your gemba: make checklists, check sheets, punch lists you can fill out at your gemba and manage on your computer after leaving the gemba
  • Facilitate your inspection activities during your site visits: never ever forget to check out any item, have a clear overview of items to be assessed, add additional comments to your checklists, or document your observations with photos or videos, and timestamps

If you would like some assistance in using the CheckGemba App, we will be glad to guide you! In our unique in-company training, we will help you in building your own checklists and share our insights based on our own expertise. We will show you how you can embed CheckGemba into your process 'internal audit'.

If you want we can also assist you implementing safety rounds in your organization or developing your audit plan using the App. We will be pleased to hear your special requests. Feel free to contact us!


BlitzGemba icon

Gemba Walk Notebook

BlitzGemba is an easy-to-use notebook App for a gemba walk reporting purpose. It can be used for an ordinary gemba tour or for a visit with a specific observation goal.The App integrates the principles of lean thinking and gemba management into a standardized, efficient report with handy features (counter, stopwatch, voice recording, score button, photos). It includes the possibility to export your findings so that you can work out your report in your own computer environment.

  • Efficient and effective reporting tool
  • Standardized note taking for observations, countermeasures and To Dos
  • Additional tools: counter, stopwatch, amount indicator, OK/Not OK button
  • Incorporation of files in the gap report: audio recorder, photos or video
  • Possibility for adding comments to media files
  • Option to annotate pictures
  • Possibility to add handwritten notes (Apple Pencil can be used on iPad Pro devices)
  • Structured database for the locations of the gemba visits
  • Chronological storage of the revealed gaps
  • Hints to get more out of the gemba walk included
  • Identification of gap sort by mentioned categories
  • Possibility for adding user-owned waste categories
  • Export possibility by email, Dropbox and iTunes file sharing
  • Export format for reports: PDF, RTF or TXT
  • Latest position is stored when closing the App
  • Multitasking support on iPad devices
  • Universal app (works on iPad and iPhone)
  • Ready for iOS 10
Note: BlitzGemba does not sync data between different versions of the app

We help you to build your own precious gemba intelligence! Using the iPad and iPhone Apps as your digital notebook. Or with the paper version of the notebook, and your smartphone.

You will learn basic principles and the use of the BlitzGemba notebook on the basis of concrete examples. Then we take you on an exploration tour on your gemba.

With your findings from your own organizational environment, we guide you towards your next gemba walk or kaizen event.

You will discover a unique tool that helps your organization to make progress with innovative lean solutions. Feel free to contact us!


TimeSteward icon

A Time Monitoring Tool

TimeSteward is a timekeeping App to monitor events in a visual way. TimeSteward functions as a timekeeper for all your meetings, keynote presentations, trainings, job interviews,… and more!

Event items are visualized by colored tiles, of which the height is related to the duration of the event. Tiles are chronologically ordered on the timeline and are controllable for their duration and for their progress in time.

Once an event has started, a time indicator shows where you are in the event and the remaining time for the event item. A real-time update per minute shows the delay in time when the event is taking more time than initially foreseen. The tile changes color to red to show that the estimated end time of the event item is coming nearby. This enables the user to keep in track of time.

  • Visual time monitor
  • Information at a glance about 9 different time indicators (start time of the event, duration of the event, duration of all event items, end time of the event, event item time remaining, event time remaining, elapsed time, delay, current time)
  • Possibility to include time alerts (sound, blinking)
  • Time indicators update in real time
  • Time monitor for the full event or for several topics of an event
  • Additional information per topic meeting: topic owner, purpose
  • Templates for a management meeting, job interview, training program and client visit included
  • Current timeline and event timeline
  • Possibility to create and store own templates
  • Export possibility by email of your meeting topics
  • Autolock of iPhone can be disabled when running the App
  • TimeSteward keeps running in the background when the App is closed
  • Events can be logged with export possibility in csv format
  • Actionable notifications
  • Ready for iOS 10

TimeSteward is a real TPS, ‘TimePositioningSystem’: just like a GPS can track your location on the globe, TimeSteward shows the position of your event in time.


  • timemonitor for effective business meetings
  • timekeeper for keynotes
  • full-day assistant for training programs
  • timekeeper for job interviews


TR App icon

Safety first!

TR App, a quick safety audit reporting tool, based on the safety observation method for estimating safety level on building construction sites, of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Department of Occupational Safety.

  • Efficient and effective safety audit reporting tool
  • Standardized observation method for estimating safety level of building constrution sites
  • Visualization of safety level index by graph
  • Export possibility by email
  • Explication of the safety observation method

The TR App is the electronic version to gather the findings and document the observation tour. The observed safety aspects are: working habits, scaffolding and ladders, machines and equipment, protection against falling, lighting and electricity, and order and tidiness. Each item is scored as 'correct' if it meets the safety standards, otherwise the item is scored as 'not correct'. A safety index is calculated as a percentage of the ‘correct' items related to all the observed items.

The safety index gives an indication of the safety level of the construction site. A high safety index as an observation result indicates a low accident rate, and vice versa. The TR method assumes that the observation result is also a better indicator of safety than is a small sample of accidents.

The TR method offers a possibility to give objective, instead of negative feedback. This may be one reason why the site personnel are fond of the tool.


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